This is a catalog of my opinions on various topics such as: Current Events, Culture, Life,Brit-Coms, Sci-Fi, & Oh Yes, GAMING!! :D


If you read my name, then you already know I’m a Sci-Fi geek, but I am so much more!

I have so many aspects of my life to share, and expand on; I am grateful to have a place to express myself!

I’m an adult who loves gaming, and sharing life with so many great people I have met in my gaming worlds 🙂


I originally began this blog so we all share thoughts and you see mine on what went on in Pico a wonderful Virtual Life, now Pico is gone, but it will never be forgotten! 

dancer_082ameba-pico-2012-3-8Times smiling circus fun dancer_082

I hope to share more Sci-Fi & Gaming info here now instead 😀

 Now you can find me in The Settlers Online & many more games anyTime!

A few Notes

Check out what’s happening in the world of British Television, the entire Sci-Fi Genre, and well anything else that tickles my fancy!

I love to write, read, and being creative so this is a great tool for me, I also would like to use it to collect my friends I have made online, have them feel free to send me pictures, themes, ideas, and thoughts they may like to share here and feel safe in doing so, (really its for myself yes, but I would love my friends to join in throughout!)


No hassles, no mess, just relaxation and conversation; if that’s not for you and you like drama, there is this thing called the internet… you can find it there anywhere else

(or maybe go outside and get some air?)

 You won’t find drama coming from me so don’t bring it here:)

Me as Gif =P

Time anime 2 glasses


15 comments on “This is a catalog of my opinions on various topics such as: Current Events, Culture, Life,Brit-Coms, Sci-Fi, & Oh Yes, GAMING!! :D

    • I’m adding as fast as I can:) Thanks for your support! And Pics you have from Pico that you think I should have up please email me with them, I wont post pictures without fellow Pico’s permission. A rule I think that too many Pico’s take lightly!
      * I wont put someone on blast here but, Ill say don’t take pictures if no one knows you are taking them in Pico. I had that done recently and let me tell you not cool, the caption they wrote, not so pleasant not bad, just not very fair, as I have many buddies asking if I let her do it!Nope found out after she posted to FB and sent me a link. Cute pic, just wrong way to go about it:) *
      So, I’m gathering Pico Pictures and asking permission from them first:) Check out some other things I’m adding slowly though!:)
      P.S. You Rock!!Great style chick love the room remodeling! XD

  1. Appreciated of your effort on Pico, you make me more easier to enjoy it.
    Remember that you tought me walk backfoward, you show me how to do it.
    I just want to say, so happy to know you.

  2. Thank you Sophia You are a wonderful person 🙂 I love to chat with you anytime day or night! You have a way about you that lights up the whole room! I hope to add more pictures soon and thanks for your kindness, I’ll never forget our fun and silliness and learning tricks together! Ill see you soon and you will see you up here very soon too 😉

  3. Thanks 🙂 You Rock!! XD I’m writing as fast and as much as I can in between Refresh times on Pico and hassles of the daily routines! Love your room~Always! This girl has style! If you play Pico you know her room well, forever updating and forever creative! 🙂 Love right back My Queen! 🙂 xxxoooooxx

  4. Wonderful Work Time!!!!!!! I Can’t w8 To Hear More And I Know All Of Your Post Will Be Amazing Like Always! 😉 Keep Up The Fabulous Work You Do And Have A Great Day In Pico And Real!!! Hugs To My Inspiring Friend…………TIME!!! 😀
    Love Ya! 🙂
    From Your Little Friend,Spice

  5. Thank you Spice! You are a treasure among treasures! I am so glad you have joined our group as it grows daily! I hope you enjoy the blog and the posts I will be continually placing up here for all our friends in Pico to view! I am so touched by your message and so honored to have inspired you in any way! I see you as my encouragement to keep moving forward in my personal life and in all that I do in the public eye! I hope we remain this close and I can be a role model for you to keep reaching for the stars, cause you deserve nothing less than the best in every aspect of your life! Thanks so much! 🙂 You make me smile 🙂

  6. Hi Timelordess
    I really love reading all your posts and you are a wonderful friend on Pico
    keep up with the awesome work your doing ❤ Hugs :DD

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